We make the lives of families and children with disabilities better by supporting them throughout the school years, from early childhood special education to transition out of high school. Empowerment is in our name because we support families, we provide resources, but most of all, we help empower families to advocate for themselves and their children.

So, how does that look for MoDE? 

  • Changing or creating new state-level laws that support all children with disabilities. We’ve championed and helped pass 3 laws in Missouri since 2018. We will continue to do this work and have some updated priorities you can read here.
  • Advocating at the family and school level through our Special Education Stations.
  • Hosting fun and educational events to spread our message that all children deserve a high quality education with proper supports. We often speak at Missouri Partners in PolicyMaking, to groups like MACDDS, SB 40 boards, and more. Schools sometimes invite us in to train staff and teachers. Most recently, we partnered with CPI and hosted a 2-day training on proper, updated CPI restraint techniques–and how best to avoid using them..
  • Fundraising and raising awareness including our annual Murder Mystery Party, Sip & Supports (small local fundraisers that anyone can host!), participation in ComoGives, and participation in Give STL Day, and more!
  • We offer grants to families to assist with the cost of hiring an education advocate or attorney.  Grants are also offered to provide advocate training to people interested in helping grow the network of advocates available in Missouri.