Conference Resources

Thank you for attending the Kirksville conference. Below are resources or links that were either mentioned or that we think will be helpful.
IEPs – Individualized Education Programs

Acronymns: US Dept of Eduction IDEA Related Acronymns

Educational Performance Areas: Video by Ask a Special Education Attorney (James Gallini)

Eligibility Criteria and Procedures: MO DESE Standards & Indicators Compliance

Goals Development: Smarter Steps

IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Prior Written Notice Checklist: MO DESE PWN Reasons

Procedural Safeguards: MO DESE Procedural Safeguards

504 Information

Difference IEP and 504: Video or Chart

Discrimination Complaint: Office of Civil Rights Complaint

Frequently Asked Questions: Protecting Students with Disabilities

OCR: Office of Civil Rights

Parent & Educator Resource Guide: 504 Resource Guide

Section 504 Information: MO DESE


Behavior Analysts Advisory Board MO: BCBA Search

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP): What is a BIP?

Discrimination, July, 2022 Guidance: Supporting Students with Disabilities and Avoiding the Discriminatory Use of Student Discipline under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Function Behavioral Assessment: What Is a FBA?

Guide for Stakeholders, July, 2022: Positive, Proactive Approaches to Supporting the Needs of Children with Disabilities: A Guide for Stakeholders

New Guidance Main Page: US Dept of Education Discipline Guidance July 2022

Questions & Answers, July, 2022 Guidance: Q & A Addressing the Needs of Children with Disabilities and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act’s (IDEA’s) Discipline Provisions

Manifestation Determination: Discipline Flow Chart D1 MO DESE

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Options: MO DESE Complaints, FIEP, Mediation and Due Process

Dispute Resolution Chart: Dispute Resolution Comparison

Facilitated Individualized Education Program: MO DESE FIEP

FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FERPA: US Dept of Education FERPA

FERPA Magic Words…Personally Identifiable: Video-Ask A Special Education Attorney (James Gallini)

“Privacy” – Keeping Parents out of the school due to FERPA: Video-Ask A Special Education Attorney (James Gallini)

“Privacy” in Public School, video access and FERPA – Video-Ask A Special Education Attorney (James Gallini)

Photos and Videos FAQ: Student Privacy FERPA

Video an Education Record?: Multiple Student on Video

Misc Resources

Accommodation Ideas: by David Bateman

Americans with Disabilities Act:

Ask a Special Education Attorney: You Tube Channel

Ask a Special Education Attorney: Public Facebook Group

Forms: Special Education Model Forms

MO DESE Special Education Department: Special Education

MO Parent Bill of Rights: MO DESE

OSEP-Office of Special Education Programs: Policy Letters and Guidance

OSERS-Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services: Welcome to OSERS

Preschool to Kindergarten – no “get to know you”: Video-Ask a Special Education Attorney (James Gallini)

Check Back for these Documents:

Sample letters – eval request IEP

Sample letters – eval request 504

Sample letters – RTI delay

Checklist – prep IEP

Parent Concerns

Checklist – elig meeting

Parts of an IEP

Notice to Record Meeting