HB 1163 Hearing Scheduled for 4/5/2023

Wednesday is going to be a busy day!
In addition to MoDE Advocacy Day at the Capitol (see event info below), we now also have a hearing in the Education Committee. Keep reading for more information.

Why do we need this bill?
When a student has disabilities, a team consisting of the parents or guardians, teachers, administrators, specialists, and school psychologists work together to develop an IEP (Individualized Education Program) for the student. Parents or guardians must sign the IEP so that it can go into effect. After the IEP is implemented, the school can make changes at any time. While developing the IEP should be a collaborative effort, there are times the parents or guardians do not agree with what the school decides to change. They may choose not to sign it, but it still goes into effect after ten days. Parents or guardians have only ten days to file due process to stop the amended IEP from being implemented. Some states have passed laws requiring parental consent for changes made to the IEP. By making sure all parties are in agreement, this law encourages collaboration by the IEP team.

Click here to read the bill
The bill is only 3 pages long. The text in regular font is what the existing law states. Anything with a line through it is what this bill would remove from existing law. All text in bold print is what the bill will add to the law.

Submit Written Testimony in favor of the bill by clicking here
Even if you plan to attend in person, it is helpful to submit your testimony online. This is only an option for House committees.

After the hearing for HB1163 (see above), anyone who wants to try their hand at legislative advocacy will be given the opportunity! 

  • 10:00     Meet in the House-side museum on the 1st floor. You will be given a
                   folder with advocacy information, maps of the building, and handouts
                   to give to legislators.
  • 10:30     Sit through part of the House debates from the 4th floor gallery.
  • 11:00     Pizza lunch together in the House-side museum on the 1st floor.
  • 11:30     Advocate! Explore the building and deliver your handouts to the correct
                   people. You may leave whenever you need. 

Check out this sample testimony by a passionate mom, Amy Gott. She sticks to the topic of the bill and keeps it short. Our aim is 2-3 minutes. If the committee has questions about anything you said, they will ask when you finish speaking. Thank you to all who participate in our legislative efforts!

Do you have questions? Email our Director of Legislative Advocacy, Tracey Bloch by clicking here.

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