Tracey Bloch, Director of Legislative Advocacy

Tracey Bloch is the new Director of Legislative Advocacy for MoDE. She will be spending time in the state capitol pushing for specific bills that focus on disability rights in education settings and empowering Missouri families to do the same. She has been married for 16 years and has three children, two of which benefit from special education services. Advocating for her children’s needs has been a big part of her life and she looks forward to expanding the scope to include fighting for others with disabilities.

Favorite color? Depends on the day, but lots of color is always good

Sleep in or stay up? I need to be an early bird, but I’m a night owl by nature

Best way to spend recess as a kid? The Four Square court was where it was at

Desired superpower? The ability to absorb all the other super powers

Second favorite planet? Mars, because it’s where girls go to get more candy bars (or so I was told as a child). Earth obviously takes first place!

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